Sporks Express

August 16 -18

Sporks Express out of Branson-- fresh, whole ingredients on a huge menu!  Try the salmon and rice pilaf with fresh veggies!  Always a treat!

Boondock's Woodfired Kitchen

May 24th - ....unless noted below 

Check out Boondocks Woodfired Kitchen Facebook page and like it to follow the menu offerings!  They have an in-house smoker and make most of their good eats from scratch!  The menu varies daily and weekly, so be sure to check them out!

Food Truck Schedule

We have had a fabulous run with our food truck friends for over 2 years!

As of May 24, Boondocks Woodfired Kitchen is open next door to us!

We will schedule food trucks and post here as the need arises, so check back in!

And remember...Food truck owners are people too.  In the event that they cannot make it to Boat Town, we don't cry about our first world problems, we just order a pizza and continue to drink great beer with friends.


July 12 - 14

Culinary finery from Springfield! Davalon serves some killer potstickers and a huge range of Asian inspired dishes as well as a varied menu of Altered American eats.