Not'cho Ordinary Taco

November 9-11

Fresh ideas, fresh made tacos, made for fun fresh people!

Holy Cow

October 20-21

Its a food truck serving Indian-inspired food! They specialize in naan tacos, vegetarian/vegan and serving quality food in a speedy fashion.


November 2-4

A new to Boat Town Food Truck offering sushi rolls, a variety of rice and noodles bowls, sandwiches, deserts... You name it!

Twisted Mike's

November 24-25

Comfort Food with a tasty twist!

Food Truck Schedule

Food truck owners are people too.  In the event that they cannot make it to Boat Town, we don't cry about our first world problems, we just order a pizza and continue to drink great beer with friends.  You should too.

Vern's Good Eats

October 12-15

A Lebanon Hometown favorite that's serving up Oktoberfest fare! Brats, pretzels, potato salad and more!

The Waffle Company

November 16-18

Waffles done right from the crew at Twisted Mike's! The menu has a waffle to suit everyone!

Paddy Wagon

October 26-28

Classic American Diner food on wheels!!